1W1 – Reflection

Week 1 is the first week on a new course at a new place.

It was great to meet the other people on the course and some of the tutors. It was interesting to see the online working space and the different facilities available on the blackboards website.


I feel I am out of touch with the internet and all the artwork you can see and experience online. I don’t have 3 favorite websites, but I will spend time looking at websites other students talk about and research other websites which interest myself.


I need to update my own website so other students can see some of my photography and hear some recent music projects.


I created a music track just before leaving Thailand, and Ryan a teacher from my school did some vocal to go with the music track, and did some baking vocals also. Initially the vocals were not sitting with the track. After I explained the structure of the music, a basic 1 2 3 4. Ryan changed the words so they fell into place.



I started using photographs which I had taken in Thailand, as a visual/video for the music track. I dropped the track into Macromedia Flash. The track was playing at 120 beats per minute. I set Flash to play at 30 frames per second. So in theory it should have been easy to synchronize the images with the music, but that was not the case and I haven’t worked out why yet.


~ by deodesign on October 9, 2006.

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