Project Proposal, December 2005

Research Question : How can I use interactive media to educate and generate interest in Indian Classical music ? Can technology educate people and bring this music into modern times and make it accessible to new generations? 

Context : I plan to explore the theories developing around the use of digital technology and investigate ‘Interactive Art’. I will look at artists who use rhythm in their painting (eg : Bridgit Riley, Piet Mondrain), and those who work with Indian Classical music to produce electronic music and visuals (eg : Micheal Robinson). I am a semi-professional Indian tabla player. 

Methodology : My project includes using computer generated and hand drawn images to illustrate the complex rhythms of the Indian tabla and different Rags within Indian Classical music. Different drawings or colours would be the representation of a particular rhythm or ‘sound’ (tabla is a pitched drum). The user would for example select and arrange images and colours to represent sounds and rhythms and then see the result on the screen:  ‘a rhythmical visual composition’ accompanied by the corresponding instrumental music.

Resources : I propose to use Html, Photoshop, Flash, After Effects, Director, Max MSP and Jitter. For academic research purposes, I plan to use the internet and buy books online. For practical research, users (children, adults, music and art teachers) would be asked to give feedback about the educational value and effectiveness of the project.  


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