1W6 Reflection

I made a short video with music for my ‘Time’ project.

I started off recording some tabla’s into Cubase, but it was not going well, firstly I have been having a break from my regular practise, and it wasn’t what I wanted. So I decided I would make the music in Reason, I made a simple beat which builds into a full tabla rhythm cycle. I added some reverb in Cubase to give a fuller rounded sound.

I imported the music track into Premiere. I am using still images with the music so I want to synchronize the stills with the music. The beats were falling in between different frames so I could not synchronize the images with the beats. So I changed the tempo of the track so it would fit with the timeline.

I had problems exporting my movie from Premiere, I got only the music and the screen was just black with no visuals. I could not solve this problem so decided to make my movie in Flash. I somehow managed to make the sound synch up with the visuals.

My project changed because I had to build it from scratch in Flash. I used the same concept but I used different images. With Premiere I was about half way through the project when I tried to Export it.

I am happy with the outcome, and the problems with Premiere improved the finished project. I didn’t compress the images before I dropped them into Flash which led to a large file size, I should know that!



~ by deodesign on October 21, 2006.

One Response to “1W6 Reflection”

  1. hey deo,

    maybe you’d be interested in stuff being done by klippav
    not quite the same vibe as what you want to do, I imagine, but the technology might be relevant.

    check them out at http://www.klippav.org/

    they have published a couple of papers on their software.

    looking forward to seeing your stuff.

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