1W11 Reflection

This week I have been looking at colour therapy. There are lots of different theories ad use of colour.

Healing with colour is rooted in ancient mysticism, the main principles are common to many different cultures from all over the world.

The seven chakra colours are a good reference because the colours work at many different levels:

Each colour has a meaning,

Each colour relates to certain organs,

Each colour has associated problems,

Each colour has personality traits,

Each colour has positive and negative aspects,

Each colour has a different effect,

Each colour have different areas of use.

How and what I will do with information is the next question?

I could change the colours I use to create different moods, to express different moods. I could use the different colours for the different effects they have i.e. blue is calming, relaxing and healing, while orange is warming and energizing.

Another use would be to allow user to choose a colour or combinations which would effect the outcome of visuals generated.

I am not totally sure which direction my project will follow, do I want to visualize Indian music(tabla drums), do I want to teach what the drums do, do I want to use the healing aspect of drumming, do I want to do all of the above…time will tell.



~ by deodesign on November 25, 2006.

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