1W12 Reflection

Flowers 02Flowers 01

An example of a simple animation using one photograph + effects.

 I wrote this weeks and weeks ago, but I didn’t post it on the blog.

This week I started a new job in an advertising agency and have also been looking for a flat.

I have been looking into generative art, algorithmic art, art made by computers.

I want to create visuals from an audio source, I want the visual to reflect the sound, I don’t want random shapes and colours. I think I can control the output of visuals.

I want to look into Max MSP further, a few questions?…

1. with max can I apply effects to an image, i.e., a photograph.

2. can I do the same to a video loop, so a loop is playing but different effects are happening to it depending on the audio.

3. Can I get max to choose images depending on the sound…max will pick images depending on the sound, some random from a certain selection…

I think in flash/or director I can have a fix audio loop playing and for different tabla sounds there is a selection of image which are selected at random (or chosen)



~ by deodesign on February 11, 2007.

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