Tutorial with Jonathan.

I feel I want to move away from my original brief, I am thinking too much about the educational applications. I think these are still valid ideas, but I want to explore and enjoy experimenting with music and the visuals. Maybe beyond my MA will be the time to think about applying what I have learned to other projects. I will still help viewers understand the tabla a little bit because this can also greatly change the experience for the viewer.

Jonathan also suggested I should let the enjoyment and fun do the work for me. I have to widen the context of my research, there are lots of artist who have explored visual and sound/music.

I will do some reading about ‘action research’

I will also add more visual work to my blog.

I have missed most of the chat sessions on Tuesdays recently, but I have read the archived chat each week.

I have been bad and haven’t been writing my weekly reflections…

Over Christmas I took a trip to India and took lots of photographs. I took some pictures using a tripod so I could take a lot of shots of the same frame with the movement of people and capture life as it went by.

Anyway while I was India I realized I wanted to experiment with photography and other media and I am not sure where it will go, but I am sure it will be interesting.

I have settled into our new place in Muscat and I have changed job again. So I have left my job as a website designer at an advertising agency (45 hours per week) and I start next week as an art teacher, I will be teaching Print for graphics, some typography and 3D studio work. The position is at the Scientific College of Design and they are happy that I am doing an MA and will support me as much as they can. I will be teaching 22 hours a week and I must have 4 office hours, the other time I can use how I need to.



~ by deodesign on February 11, 2007.

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