Project Proposal – Version 2

Working Title: Visual Tabla


I want to create visual images/video which illustrate the sounds of the Indian tabla drums. Using drawings, paintings, graphics, photographs and video to create different ways of illustrating the table rhythms. The images could be very simple, or images with many layers. I want to produce video/imagery which is very diverse and could be used in different context.

The visuals should show the patterns in the rhythms.Show the different sounds available on the drums.Still images which illustrate single sounds.Video which illustrates the different rhythms.

Help people to understand the tabla drums(Indian Music).

Interactive controls to allow inputs for users to create their own visuals.

Generate interest in Indian drumming/music.


The Indian tabla started of as a hobby, now eight years down the line I want to combine my interest in art, computers and music. I want to use this project to explore new ways of working with music and art. I think the tabla has a lot of un-explored potential and I hope to produce work which discovers new ways of illustrating the music.

Indian drumming is a very technical, so I want to produce visuals which help the viewer understand the drums, but also I can make images which also demonstrate the complexity.


Understand how to use Max MSP/Jitter

Still images which represent the individual sounds of the Indian tabla drums.

Video which illustrates simple and complex tabla structures and rhythms.

Have a system for producing live visuals for a music performance.


HP Pavilion zd8000


Max MSP, Jitter

Adobe Premiere

Adobe After Effects

Macromedia Flash

Adobe Photoshop


 Experiments with hand drawn images, computer graphics and photographs to build up a visual vocabulary for the tabla sounds. Using still images to build up animations which are based on the tabla rhythms/sounds. The still images could be the word of the sound, eg: ‘Dha’, or a drawn image by hand or computer, or photographs.

A sequence of still images could be used for a rhythm, and different effects using Jitter could be applied to the images to change the mood of the images or to express the sounds of the drum for example adjust colours, do edge detection, add blur, mix two images/video streams together

Also using video clips with effects which correspond to the different tabla sounds to produce video. So different video clips could be used with different effects applied to them. A sequence of photographs could be used in the same way, the photographs would be like a movie, with 8 frames per second or less.

Use Max/MSP/Jitter to select tabla sounds and trigger images with whenever those tabla sounds played. The images could be random, or they could be chosen for specific sounds. Likewise, you could select different effects depending on the sounds.

Learn to use MAX MSP/Jitter to produce original visuals for the tabla.

Feedback from people with different skills.



~ by deodesign on March 6, 2007.

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