Project Presentation Q & A

I am happy with my project proposal; I feel I am more focused about what I want to achieve. I think my presentation could have had more visual work included, more visual sketches, more animation.

It was great to present my work and get some feedback and to see what my peers thought of my project.

Below I have arranged the presentation questions and replies so I could see one conversation at a time, the questions were at the same time, so I felt like I was having 4 conversations at the same time for a while. I have added some additional comments.

Sean Clark: how do you intend to analyse the sound for your project?Rajinder Deo: Well I was hoping to play directly into Max, either microphone, or pre-recorded
Sean Clark: ok. I think I can show you how to do it

Rajinder Deo: Great Sean, I think I will need your help
Sean Clark: will you be analysing beat/volume and frequency?
Rajinder Deo: Sean – I think I want to analyze the beats more – but could have different layers also
Sean Clark: and how many instruments or beats will be playing at the same time?

Rajinder Deo: Sean – either tabla solo, + a drone, tamboraSean Clark: ok. I will take you through my live set-up at some point if you like. I have used up to four live audio sources plus midi instruments to drive a live video/lights performance from a single Mac with no problems
Rajinder Deo: Sean – I think I will try more instrument and see if I can analyze the beats, the tabla is very subtle sounds – so not sure how well it will work

Sean Clark: there are a bundle of free Max extensions to help with the real-time analysis
Rajinder Deo: Sean – I think the cycle website is useful
Sean Clark: cyling74?
Rajinder Deo: Sean yes
Sean Clark: i have a collection of Max/MSP stuff at
Sean Clark: it also covers lighting which might be an interesting way of visualising the beats
Rajinder Deo: nice one Sean

Sean Clark: my main knowledge of tabla playing is through Talvin Singh – is he regarded as a good player?Sean Clark: he did quite a lot of ‘crossover’ work with electronic musicians and artists, is any of that work relevant to you?Chris Lister: Deo I like the following quote from your objectives: Help people to understand the Indian tabla drums. – a little bit of information really changes the viewer’s experience for the better.

Chris Lister: I like the idea of educating people in order to understand the music moreChris Lister: it enhances their experience, and they get more out of it plus promote this type of musicChris Lister: I really like the interactive aspect of people creating their own compositions tooChris Lister: great ideas-as u know I love the relationship between art and musicChris Lister: Deo I think our projects are similar in that way
Chris Lister: that we fuse music and art
Chris Lister: would like to talk to you in more detail about what software and concepts behind you linking visuals and music






Rajinder Deo: Chris – yes, I also have a lot to learn and try out, but it will be fun Tara Smith: Deo I thought your presentation worked really well, it definitely got me interested in learning more about the table drumsTara Smith: Deo, I think the circles work really well with in your work, it would be interesting to see some of those paintings we saw at the beginning animatedTara Smith: especially the bright ones

Rajinder Deo: Tara, yes I will be animating those too Tara Smith: can’t wait DeoPaul Thompson: Deo I notice in your methodologies that you intend to use hand drawn as well as digital material – what will be the balance and relationship between these elements?Rajinder Deo: Paul err
Paul Thompson: you intend to use drawing and digital?

Rajinder Deo: Paul, I want to use both, the drawing will be scanned in and processed further
Paul Thompson: so I just wondered if there will be a relation between traditional and new images
Paul Thompson: in style?
Paul Thompson: media etc
Rajinder Deo: Paul….I am not sure, need to experiment
Paul Thompson: ok Deo
I don’t want to limit myself to creating images on a computer, I am interested in creating images by hand for a more organic feel and to express immediate emotions and feelings. I will use the computer to animate, change rework the images to get more out of them. 

The relationship between traditional and new images? I hope they can work together, sometimes in contrast, sometimes merge to become another image or one image.




Andrew Stiff: Rajinder this is a very good proposal – have you considered the relationship between the drums + abstract images and drums + non abstract imagesRajinder Deo: Andy…not totally sure what you are saying

Andrew Stiff: well the abstracted ‘symbols’ or patterns, when triggered by a rhythm work well – in the same way would say photographs/ moving images work? So the drums could tell a story as well?Rajinder Deo: Andy, yes I want to use photographs, which would be like a short story 

Jonathan Kearney: Deo, Andy is asking a similar question to mine, is there a narrative element to the drum playing, i.e. in their history is there anything that connects with story telling for example?Rajinder Deo: Yes the tabla could be used for a sound track, so an idea I just had is to make visual first and then ad the tabla
Andrew Stiff: it would be interesting to dissect the whole relationship between visuals and audioAndrew Stiff: it’s a complex relationship 

Rajinder Deo: Andy that could be worth looking intoI have been taking a lot of pictures, either sequences of the same scene, traditional shots and abstract shots. I want to use them in different combinations, or apply effects to single shots…And mix them with all other imagery. 

Gary Mcleod: Deo, you mentioned that you want to use the video/imagery in different contexts, which contexts would they be?/Rajinder Deo: Gary, I want to use it in gallery or exhibition, or live event, anywhere really 

Gary Mcleod: Deo, could you talk a bit about the pictures of the flower seller? Rajinder Deo: Gary, the flower seller I met in India and I took lots of still in sequence, so I could use them as images to work with the tabla,…Rajinder Deo: Gary, so it could be the start of a storyGary Mcleod: it just made me think of taking outside into a market environment or something

Chrysanthos Voutounos: It seems you like these drums Deo. You plan to involve only these drums in your study?Rajinder Deo: Yes I love tabla and for now will focus on them 

Chrysanthos Voutounos: they say that Indians or a race in Amazon can see music, something like that, anyone knows, remembers more? Jessica d’Avigdor: I don’t know if you remember that website (I once told Christos about it in the chat) but I think the “Dictionary of Primal Behaviour” could be interesting for you too (and they have enlarged their project now): liked the way they showed the person actually speaking the sounds. With the tabla I could do the same. I can also show the sound being made on the drum, the different hand movements and positions. 

Andrew Stiff: Thanks Rajinder – very impressive well done









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