klipp av

klipp av – Fredrik Olofsson and Nick Collins

Fredrik Olofsson is an installation artist and he is interested in visual and audio art and programming. Nick Collins is a music researcher. http://www.klippav.org/‘We do more than improvise; we audiovisualise and visualaudioise. We believe we have more control of the fine intersensory synchrony of live objects than any other artist; and beware, this is not our only innovation.’ (klipp av)

klipp av are live performance artists, they capture sound and visuals while performing and write code.

Some images of their work:



They have some example of videos on their website, which were created in real-time.


My favourite video is the studio tantrum, I like how the image works with the audio.

Still taken from Studio Tantrum:




~ by deodesign on July 23, 2007.

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