A history of technology and art. Part 3

In 1966 Billy Klü ver founded Experiments in Art and Technology (EAT). Klü ver said EAT was formed to ‘develop an effective collaboration between engineer and artist’. EAT was the first example of complex collaboration between artist, engineers, programmers, researchers and scientists, digital artist combine these skills to create their art.

In 1968 the exhibition ‘Cybernetric Serendipity’ at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London presented works which included plotter graphics, light and sound installations, sensing robots, painting machines and pattern and poetry generators.

In the 1970s artists used video and satellites to experiment with live performances and networks which are similar to internet connections which are more accessible these days. These artist used the technology to spread their work, to explore real time virtual space and teleconferencing.


Douglas Davis’s ‘The Last 9 Minutes’, 1977 (above), is a performance which was broadcast by satellite to more than twenty five countries.

Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz organized ‘the world’s first interactive satellite dance performance’, in conjunction with NASA and the Educational Television Centre in Menlo Park, California. From three different locations, a combined live performance using performers on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of United States.

In the 1970s and 80s painters, sculptors, architects, printmakers, photographers and video and performance artists began to experiment with new computer imaging techniques. Digital art evolved into multiple strands of practice, from object-oriented work to art that was process-oriented, so included interactive elements. The audience becomes part of the art-work, the art relies on input from the viewer and other sources of data. The artist isn’t the sole creator of a work of art, but creates something where the audience contributes to the artwork.

Digital art has brought us artwork that collapses boundaries between the disciplines of art, science, technology and design, digital art defies easy categorization.



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