2W26 India.

The summer has been a summer of research, reading, writing, more reading, head scratching, more reading and more writing. The PGPD essay is kind of finished, just need to tidy things up.

On 28th September I left Oman for India with Rebecca. So we move again, due to unforeseen circumstances, but this is great. We will go to Varanasi, the holy city on the famous river Ganges. I describe Varanasi as 120% India, it is a very old city with religion, yoga, music, everywhere. A walk down any street you will here religious chants, others chants, bells, someone practising music or singing.

We found a flat the first day we arrived in Varanasi and spent 3 days cleaning.

I have found a good internet cafe where I can take my laptop and connect to their wireless network. This is a lot easier than using their machines because I am not restricted with what I can do, using a flash drive wasn’t straight forward.

So I am in a city of tabla players, people from all over the world come to Varanasi to study music, dance and many other things. I will practise tabla while I am here, this will help my head get back into tabla, into the rhythms, into the music, into the spirit. I will do some intensive practise when I know how to combine it with my practical work.



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One Response to “2W26 India.”

  1. respected Sir:

    I am sending my heartful thanks to you for this beautiful lesson.
    I am a learner aged 54. this is really a useful lesson.

    thank you

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