2W27 Max/Jitter

I am going through the tutorials for Max. I am following them so far without any problems, I want to get through them quickly, so then I can start on the Jitter tutorials. Hopefully I will be able to start building simple operations very soon.


It has taken a few weeks to settle down, set up the flat and kitchen. I have been getting into some tabla practise. My original plan was to spend a month or even longer doing personal practise and then at a later date find a class or teacher to have lessons. I haven’t had lessons for three years with a teacher. I met a tabla student who is going to a good teacher, so I went to meet him and I will start private lessons in a few days. I will be starting from the beginning, I will progress quickly because I already play. I will fine tune my technique and learn new rhythms. I am learning from Ishwar Lal Misra, he teaches Banaras style. I had a nice feeling when I met the teacher for the first time, also it will be nice to have lessons while I am here, I will feel more involved with the place and people. I feel excited to start lessons again and I think I have found a good teacher…time will tell. I am sure the lessons will be a source of inspirations.

Varanasi (Banaras)

I already have a lot of photographs of Banaras and still taking more. I will put a selection on my blog, it is a very colourful place with a lot going on, religious festivals, music concerts, life on the ghats, life in the streets…



~ by deodesign on October 22, 2007.

One Response to “2W27 Max/Jitter”

  1. PURN

    dha dha dhin dhin na na tet tet
    ku tete ku tete dha kutu dha X3

    Itz a wicked purn i played it wid ma bro and he loved it

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