History of Tabla

Tabla is one of the youngest instruments in the field of the North Indian Classical music and is still developing. The repertoire that is played on the tabla is a mix of the pakhawaj compositions of the old tradition and compositions that have been recently written for tabla, in the last 150 odd years. The Ustads in the old days used the oral tradition of passing on knowledge, because of that, the repertoire that was passed on went through subtle changes with each generation.

The origin of the tabla is not clear. The Pakhawaj is considered the mother of the tabla. By cutting the Pakhawaj in half and then standing the two half’s up you will have the tabla. According to one theory, the tabla was invented in the 13th century by Amir Kushru. In the 18th century, Sidhar Khan is believed by some to have invented the tabla. It is known that Sidhar Khan established the first style of tabla playing, the Dheli style. All other styles except Punjab style comes from the Delhi style.



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