2W29 Presentation Feed-back

It is nice to get feed back from my peers, their interest encourages me. One student really liked my hands and said they would be excellent as hands to model in a drawing class, I wonder if that would work if I was playing tabla.

My photographs of the different playing positions generated some interest, my peers like the actual images. I could use similar pictures to create an animation, or use film footage to create visuals. I will have to get my tabla playing to a decent level if I want to record myself playing.

I think the tabla lessons showed the repetitive nature of tabla, it is like a mantra, if you read the ‘bols’ (notes). Again this is also another audio possibility.

The photographs were well received. I have taken lots and lots of photographs, so I have a wide selection to choose from. I almost felt I had too many pictures, but I think it is good to keep taking them. As I take them I am also try new things out, taking a chance in different situations, sometime it fails sometimes you get nice surprises.

We talked about sound therapy, a question was raised, ‘will I play my animation to people on an individual basis as therapy?’. I am using the elements of therapy to give myself an underlining direction and theme rather than create music visuals for therapy. I am currently writing about the theme of harmony and vibrations for my essay.



~ by deodesign on November 25, 2007.

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