2W30 Sound Therapy Workshop

I took part in a workshop to learn about how to use sound for healing. Using sound for healing, we were working with the different elements, ‘Earth’, ‘Water’, ‘Fire’, ‘Air’ and ‘Ether’ and the chakras.

We sang ‘ummm’ with a natural low note to give ourselves an internal massage. We started at the toes and worked our way up, focusing on different parts of the body and organs.

We sang ‘Bija’ or root mantras which are syllables of meditation that work on a vibrational level. They express certain aspects of the individual Divine unity and connect the devotee with cosmic energy. Bija means energy, seed, or cosmic energy beyond all material manifestation.

The Bija mantras that stimulate the individual chakras:

LAM for the first chakra

WAM for the second chakra

RAM for the third chakra

YAM for the fourth chakra

HAM for the fifth chakra

MM for the sixth chakra

SOHAM for the seventh chakra

We also sang ancient

Sufi mantras:

MATIN for the first chakra

OUACHAB for the second chakra

WALI for the third chakra

AZIZ for the fourth chakra

QUDDUS for the fifth chakra

ALIM for the sixth chakra

HU for the seventh chakra

There were four of us doing the workshop. We all sang a ‘SA’ (SA is the first note of the Indian musical scale.) in turn and Uma the teacher told us which elements she could hear in our voice. My voice revealed ‘Ether’, but also there was a hint of ‘fire’ and ‘water’.

The final exercise was to sing Sufi mantras to a patient, we took it turn to be the patient. So four of us including Uma sang altogether. First the patient is asked what problem they have, it could be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. We all sang together the appropriate sound for the patient’s needs. We only sang for about 10 minutes for each person, normally the mantras should be sung for half and hour, and maybe for more than one session.

All the different mantras and sounds we learnt we can sing alone, for self healing. To heal others it is best to have a least three people singing. The difficult part is the diagnostics, this can only be done with a lot of experience and knowledge and the chakras, and how the different sound an mantras affect them.



~ by deodesign on November 25, 2007.

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