Themes for final project.

I have been reading two books which are influencing me and the themes of which I’d like to concentrate on while doing my project.

The first one is a compilation of lectures given by an Indian Sufi called Hazrat Inayat Khan (1882-1927).

The main idea is that vibration and sound is the beginning of everything, the beginning of creation.

He says that if we could ‘tune in’ properly, we would be able to actually hear the sounds that different trees, plants, stones and people make. He says that we actually can already hear them unconsciously, and that’s why we like or dislike someone when we first meet them. What we are ‘feeling’ or ‘hearing’ are the vibes, the vibrations, and so the sound, or as he says, the music they are making.

From this main idea, his focus is on harmony. If we can be in harmony with everything around us, then we will distinctly ‘hear’ the sounds around us.

The rhythm is also very important. In man, there is a constant rhythm going on, which is expressed in his pulsation and in his heart-beats, etc. Upon this rhythm depends his health and his moods. Different rhythms will therefore affect us in different ways at different times, depending on whether they are in harmony with our rhythm or not.

Some yogis of India in trying to be in perfect harmony with the divine and his/her creation, the outer life and the deeper life used a combination of tone and rhythm in chanting mantras. The breath also being an important part of this practice. Some of them then went on from the audible vibrations to the invward vibrations, i.e, from sound to breath. Sura means sound and breath.

From sound, he then goes on to colour which is the next manifestation of the vibrations. “In its original condition vibration is in audible and invisible, but in its first stage towards manifestation it becomes audible, and in its next step visible”. (p34). Colours are the different shades of light, and all colours, forms and sounds proceed from one single source.

I intend to focus on the idea of harmony when doing my project. The first step is the harmony between the vibrations of the sounds and colours that will be created.

In addition, colours will need some kind of form. Colours will need some kind of boundaries.

This is where the second book comes in : Kadinsky’s ‘Concerning the spiritual in Art’. In this book, Kadinsky (who actually tried to represent music through colour and form) also writes about the harmony between colour, the form and the human soul. (Kandinsky book).

“…form-harmony must rest only on a corresponding vibration of the human soul.” (p29)

He goes on to talk about the ‘movements’ of different colours (Yellow goes outwards and blue goes inwards) and the effect of colours on humans.

Linked to these themes of harmony, colour and sound, I’ve been looking into ‘sound therapy’, the aim of which is to harmonise ourselves or a patient.

Different sounds can affect different chakras which are energy centres in the body which are constantly in a state of rotation. (chakra means ‘wheel’ in Sanskrit). It is their rotating which attracts energy and draws it in or gives it off, depending on the direction of rotation. Some healers sing a note at a certain pitch and using a certain vowel which is at the same frequency as the chakra to stimulate it and unblock it. I intend to attend a sound therapy workshop soon to learn more about this and see if it works on others and me.

I am hoping to use all these ideas in my choice of colours, sounds and forms for the final project which might affect different people in different ways at different times.


~ by deodesign on November 29, 2007.

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