2W32 Final Project Prototype

Well I have been through a lot of Max tutorials I think I went through the first 20 tutorials for MAX and then I decided to move on to the Jitter tutorials. Again I managed the first 20 or so, (the above was completed over several months). I have a far better understanding of how MAX/Jitter work, and why they’re so powerful.

The next thing to do is to make some patches for my project, easier said than done. It is quite a different way of working and I think it will take some time, take a lot of time to get to a good level with MAX and Jitter.
I have been playing with different patches from the tutorials, I really like the Image Rotation Pat. With this Pat you can import an image or movie and zoom in in or out. Also you can wrap, clip or fold the image or movie. (hours of fun). So I would like to use audio to control the image rotation and zoom.

The challenge begins; get MAX and Jitter to do the things I want!

For my final project I have a plan, a plan for a Pat, I will show this as a flowchart. Hopefully I will also have some patches I have built or adapted to show for my assessment.




~ by deodesign on December 2, 2007.

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