2W33 Assessment Time

Well nothing like a deadline to get you focused.

I have placed my interim report on my work in progress website presentation website:

The PGPD research really help me to focus on research on Music Visuals and their history.

The discussion paper looks at sound as vibrations, and sound as the start of all creation. My research into sound and colour therapy has given me a focus for my final exhibition project. Using the seven chakras/colours to give my visuals a theme.


First I went through the first 20 tutorials for MAX to get a good basic understanding of how MAX works. I then moved onto the Jitter tutorials, again I went through the first 20 or so tutorials to learn what I can do with Jitter. Final I started to adapt Patches from the tutorials to build new Patches. I feel I have made a lot of progress with Max/Jitter in the last few weeks. I still have a lot to learn, but I feel I am I am on my way.


I am spending a month in Hyderabad, recording music and playing with Max. I will be with my wife Rebecca, and Mark from Australia who has been using Max for a few years, so this will be a great chance to experiment with Max/Jitter and learn more tricks of the trade.


I feel quite happy where my project is at the moment, but I have a feeling things might change as I learn more about Max/Jitter…I am excited because I have started using Max/Jitter finally.



~ by deodesign on December 4, 2007.

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