3W4 Music Project


So on the 11th of January we decide to do a performance at the institute we were staying at, to share our music. People were also curious to hear our music.

I worked on creating some visuals with Max for our performance. I was using Max to display drawings of circles, these drawings related to the different elements. So for each element I had a different selection of drawings. I wanted Max to display the circles at random, the tempo of the tabla would control the rate of displaying the circles.

I didn’t manage to finish the Max patches on time due to technicalities, things were not quite synchronized. I am not sure what the problem is, it might be the processor is struggling, so I will need to preload the images I am using. I am still working on this problem. (On the day of the performance we couldn’t use the projector anyway.)

This project made me realise I need to focus on the audio signal of the tabla. The tabla rhythm expresses the pace of the music. So if we are playing fast the tabla will be playing a fast rhythm. Also I need to decide which audio signals I want to read in to Max to control the visuals. If I use the overall sound, I cannot always distinguish what sounds to analyse. So by just using the tabla audio, I can see the tempo of the music and the amplitude.



~ by deodesign on January 20, 2008.

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