3W5 Tutorial

Things to discuss at tutorial.

Final Project

Current Plan: Use the music we recorded on the five elements. I have the separate audio signals, so I can use the tabla sounds to control/generate visuals.

Develop the tabla as a Hyper-instrument. Like the above, but also controlling and generating sounds. This is taking the project into a new direction, so not just doing visuals, but also audio. The tabla can trigger samples, certain images, set of images with related sounds/samples. Using the tabla as a solo instrument with extended capabilities.

Outcome of tutorial

1 – I can record a simple video to show experiments with Max. The video will show how when I hint the drum what happens, what visual event takes place.

2 – I need to explore all the parameters I can se to create sound and visuals. The pitch, amplitude, gesturer recognition etc…

3 – Keep my focus on the tabla and Max interaction, steer clear of using additional switches and keyboards.

4 – Keep writing or taking pictures that force me to think and reflect on what I am doing.

5 – Work together with the other students on planning the final exhibition.

6 – My project is a performance art piece. So for the final exhibition I can do an actual performance or document a performance.

7 – Also if I document a performance I must make sure there is enough time to do a performance, video it, edit it to make a DVD and send it to London before the deadline.



~ by deodesign on January 25, 2008.

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