3W7 Focus

Max patches and more patches, so many patches and so little time.While looking around for ideas and solutions, there are lots of interesting patches that do all sorts of things.

So I need to be careful and keep my focus, once I have created a good solution I can explore further and expand my repertoire.

So I want to listen to a tabla drum, microphone takes a signal to Max,

I want to be able to hear each beat,

tempo changes need to be recognized,

fast rolls within a rhythm must be detected,

the amplitude is monitored,

the pitch is monitored.

I want to use the above information to control images or movies.

I want to make a patch which can listen to the tabla and control the visuals. The final patch may be quite simple, but the images, and videos I use will make it interesting I hope. Once the patch is created, the different images will allow me to create visuals for different performances.



~ by deodesign on February 14, 2008.

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