ETabla Conrtoller

The ETabla Controller (A. Kapur, G. Essl, P Davidson, P. R. Cook, 2002), is a modified tabla with sensors built into the drum heads. The signals are used to generate visual feedback and can either play the traditional tabla sounds or electronic sounds.


The similarity between these artists’ work and my work is that the tabla sounds are the direct triggers for the visuals displayed, and that their tabla is a new kind of hyper instrument. Nevertheless, my work is very different to theirs. I do not modify the instrument in any way, and my tabla only becomes a kind of hyper instrument in that the visuals are an extension of the drums (as mentioned above). Moreover, their visuals are electronic and computer generated, while mine are photographs and hand drawn images. The computer, in my case, is only used for sequencing and mixing the original images.

~ by deodesign on March 12, 2008.

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