Bonk Max Patch


I found the bonk patch on the internet, it was developed by Miller Puckette. Bonk analysis the incoming sound to detect the start of new beats on percussion instruments. I use this information to control the playback of a movie and the amplitude also effects the intensity of the image.

The tabla is a fast and subtle instrument, but the bonk patch is successful at anglicizing the sound. So when I make a sound on the drum, the movie shows another frame and if I play a fast drum roll, the same amount of frames are shown.

Next I will explore the how to analysis the pitch of the tabla drums. The changeable pitch of the drums is one of the main features of the drum.

I experimented with recording the audio with max while I made a video of me playing the tabla and displaying the visuals. The audio recording came out very badly, so for now I will use the audio from the camera, but in the future I want to record the audio I am feeding into Max.



~ by deodesign on March 17, 2008.

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