3W17 Some Feedback

I showed a few friends what I am working on. One of them is a photographer and the other is a graphic artist. It was nice to talk about my work.

Some interesting points were discussed.


. I am using a movie to display my images. Can I use a movie to display the images in sequential order from the movie. (these could be a sequence of photographs or a movie).No I can’t but it is something I want to be able to do.


. Can I isolate the individual sounds of the tabla drums?No I can’t. This is something I thought about before I started using Max/Jitter. I don’t know if it is possible, it may well be with Max.

The elements I want to take from the tabla are:

A. the beats – each sound triggers visuals

B. the pitch – still working on this. I would like to use the bending of the pitch on the bass drum to affect the visuals.

c. the amplitude – the amplitude can affect the visuals


. Using my drawings as the images was interesting because they are organic because I drew them by hand. I used the computer to create variations and then made them into a movie. The best way to use a lot of images with Max is to place them in a movie.


Can I use my patches while performing with other people?I can feed the tabla audio on its own to the computer to analysis the tabla sounds. The other instruments/vocals can also be used to generate visuals and then they can all be mixed together and displayed on one screen or different screens.

For my final project I want to do the above. I am not sure if it will always work to analysis only the tabla sounds and not the other instruments and vocals.



~ by deodesign on April 14, 2008.

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