3W18 Recording visuals and audio with Max

I have used my camera to take a movie to show what the visual do as I play the drums. This was okay to demonstrate my work in progress but I wasn’t happy with the sound, but it was okay.

I have been looking into how I can record the visuals and audio from Max with good quality visuals and audio.

I have spent a good week…trying to get this to work. I looked at the tutorials for jitter and jit.qt.record and it wasn’t working for me. I went onto the forum and downloaded a patch which I didn’t understand. I downloaded render_node patch from the maxobjects.com website. I thought I had found my solution…but no luck…I couldn’t get it to work…so I gave up because I wanted to continue developing my patches.

I went back to the recording problem after a 4 or 5 days because I need it. I was very close. I was recording a movie and audio into separate files a .mov and a .aiff. My tabla is driving the movie rather than a metro, which is the normal way to play a movie. So when I was recording, I was only recording the frames the drum was triggering and no frames in-between, so I was getting a 2 second movie instead of a 15 second movie. Then the revelation I discovered jit.vcr, after 10 minutes of work with this patch I managed to record a Quicktime movie with synchronous audio. This was a major breakthrough…so easy in the end.


I need to work out how to use fiddle~ which can analysis the pitch. I want to use the pitch when I bend it with my left hand on the bass drum. The bending of the pitch is a very important characteristic of the Indian tabla drums.




~ by deodesign on April 22, 2008.

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