3W18 Random Steps

Each beat of the tabla displays at random different frames from the movie.

I am using a collection of photographs to make a movie (This is a good way to use lots of images together in Max). Max plays the movie at the frame rate you have set, but I only display a frame when I hit the drum. If the images are a sequence in the movie, by playing the drum very quickly I will display most of the images.

I also want to be able to play each frame one by one at any speed.

I will experiment with playing tabla rhythms with short visual loops. I could play an 8 beat rhythm with a movie which contains only 8 frames. The interesting thing would be to improvise the drum playing to control the movie, I can miss beats and play double beats and still try to start with the first frame with the first beat of the rhythmic cycle. Indian classical musician when playing music together use the rhythmic cycles to improvise their music. A tabla player will play variations or set rhythms while performing and fall on the first beat when he finishes, the other musician also plays his music within the rhythmic cycles and fall onto the first beat. Understanding the rhythmic cycles is a big part of understanding Indian classical music. 



~ by deodesign on April 28, 2008.

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