3 W19 Online Colloquium notes

My work consists of music visuals created by the sounds of Indian tabla drums. The beats/sounds of the drums played (live) will control and affect the visuals to be displayed. The images are my own videos, photographs, and hand drawn images.Max/jitter analyses the audio coming from the tabla and each beat controls videos, photographs and drawings.

I have intentionally kept the images I use as ‘organic’, ‘real’ pictures. I use the computer to create variations, control the images and use effects on them.

I believe the viewer of my work will see a definite link between the visuals and the tabla beats. The visuals and the music complete and complement each other and become ‘one’.


Future Plans 

I am keen to create collaborations with other musicians, artist, photographers and dancers. Once I have created an online exhibition/portfolio, I will approach practising musicians and artist whom I think will be particularly interested in my work. This, as well as getting work at exhibitions, screenings and online is very important as this will give me motivation, focus and more ideas.






~ by deodesign on April 29, 2008.

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