3W19 Creating Tabla Visuals Presentation.

All the demonstrations of Tabla controlling visuals for the presentation have been created, except one which combines my circle drawing with a dancer.

I decided to display all the text for my presentation with tabla displaying the words. I used jit.wake within Max to create the title text. I created a video which contained each letter of the title on a different frame. When I played the drums the letter were displayed, and slowly faded away so you could see all the letters. I also displayed the main body of the text using the tabla with Max. So a whole paragraph was displayed by playing a tabla rhythm or random beats on the drums.

Creating the titles was an interesting exercise. For my presentation it showed another use of the Max patches I am developing.

Once I had recorded the 2 title sequences and the different paragraphs I used Adobe Premiere to edit it all together. I don’t have much experience using video editing software but know my way around the package.

I had great difficult in uploaded the final compressed video. I also tried to upload it to my website and finally I tried to use yousendit.com. I think there was a problem with the server for my area because the sae problem occurred in different internet cafes. I talked to the server manager and he said he would have a look at the problem. So I didn’t manage to get y presentation up in time so as a last resort I sent the copy to everyone and links to videos which I used in my presentation which were already upload onto youtube.com



~ by deodesign on April 30, 2008.

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