3W20 Final Project developments

I set my self a personnel deadline to start the creation of my final project at the beginning of May. There are and always will be other things which I can learn in Max to create visuals. I will use what I have learnt so far to create my final piece of work. I am also sure I will continue learning and developing at the same time. I think I have learned enough in Max to create what I want.

I am developing a system with Max to be able to play Tabla live and display images. For my final piece I have decided to created visual for a music track we record in January. The music track is called ‘Ether’ and it contains me playing tabla, Rebecca playing flute and singing and also Mark do electronic sound on his computer. I have choose this piece because it has a variety of different tabla tempos within the track. It starts of at a slow tempo and speeds up.



~ by deodesign on May 2, 2008.

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