3W21 Presentation reflection and feedback.

Lucy Blackwell: ok, less of a question, but…I found your work really fascinating…. It is like a truly interactive timelapse .. perhaps we could collaborate sometime and you could use your instruments to control some of the timelapse footage I’ve shot of plants growing…. It might feel like the music was making the plant grow?’Interactive timelapse’ – I liked this phrase. and I think it is great idea to do a collaboration. It is great that someone from the group is interested in doing a collaboration.

Angelina Voskopoulou: I found interesting the video with the ‘dancing’ shadow. its mysterious 😉

We were recording ourselves doing Tai Chi and experiment with movement. Only later I thought about using it with the Tabla.

John Baugh: Rajinder I like what you are doing? have you thought about drum controlling a different piece of video so that the images are layered is this possible

Rajinder Deo: John – I can can two or three movies going at the same time, that was the last thing in my presentation

Tara Smith: Do you have any particular artists musicans or photographers in mind to collaborate with as stated in your future goals

Rajinder Deo: tara- there are a few people I think will be interested, Shri from badmarsh and shri

Sean Clark: can i ask if you are using pitch or just rythmn to control the visuals?

Rajinder Deo: Sean – at the moment just rythum and I can use amplitude….I haven’i cracked the pitch thing yet

Sean Clark: do you think pitch would be a useful thing to respond to?

Rajinder Deo: sean – the pitch would be useful for the pitch bends on the base drum, but I think motion track might be better

Paul Thompson: deo cna i ask to what extent do you think your work can extend into the educational – informing people of this musical form?

Rajinder Deo: paul, it could be used to generate interest…and I think maybe even help with very basic learning.

This is an interesting question because my original outcomes were geared more towards educational needs, but as I progressed I decided to focus on more personal creative work.

Chrysanthos Voutounos: Deo,Screen display is essential in your work Deo or you have other plans involving tabla drums?

I don’t have any immediate plans which don’t involve the screen. One idea is to create other sound trigger by my tabla playing, this wouldn’t need a screen but I would still be using the computer.

Tara Smith: i found your work really immersive (if thats a word) completley fascinating as if you cant look away.

It is great to hear that my work holds peoples interest so much.

I felt very positive after my question, answer session. I think because my head is so involved in what I am doing I cannot imagine how people will react when they see my work. Positive feedback and encouragement from my peers is very important.



~ by deodesign on May 8, 2008.

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