3W21 Final Project developments

While learning and experimenting with Max and Jitter I was always thinking of my project as a performance piece. My final goal was to be able to perform live. This is still one of my objectives, but for my final project I will create the visual for a track recorded five months ago. I will still be working with the audio as it was recorded live and I want to record the visuals so that I can use the same method to perform live. So developing the patch to record the visuals for the music track is also to help me work out how would I do all these different things live.

For my final project I can control the patch as I am using a recording of the tabla drums. So while I am recording I can change the movies Max is using and I can use the cross-fader to change the mix of videos and drawings. For a live performance I can change the movies and cross-fader setting by pressing a key on the keyboard. For different movies I could assign one key, E.g. ‘Q’ for movie 1, ‘W’ for movie 2, etc. For the cross-fader I can assign the number keys, so 1 would be 10%, 2 is 20%…10 is 100%. At a later date I will experiment with motion tracking to activate movie selection or different effects.



~ by deodesign on May 10, 2008.

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