3W22 Final Project – gathering material.

My patch is ready to go, all I need now is all the material, photographs and drawings. I already have lots of circle drawing which can be used to represent Ether. I have created some new drawing and adjusted the colours of a lot of the drawing I already have. For Ether the colours I want are predominately shades of sky blue.

What photographs do I want? What is ‘Ether’ – below are notes from a brainstorming session.

I am staying in Dharamkot which is a village a few kilometers from Dharamsala.

I am in the foothill of the Himalaya mountains. I want images of the mountains, clouds and the sky. I already have photographs of skies and hills, but not mountains at a high altitude.

Camera batteries fully charged and spares, plus tripod. From where I am staying I can get to the mountains in 3.5 hours.

First Trip.

The weather is very changeable so I have been keeping an eye on the clouds. I leave home 2pm so I will get to the top about 5pm. I walk up for 2 hours and I still have another hour to go, but the clouds are gathering and there is some light rain. I am at a chai shop which is an hour way from the top, the owner tells me it is better to go up in the morning because it usually clear and you get the best views. I decide to head back because it will be too cloudy too get the photographs I want.

Second Trip.

A few days later I leave in the morning, I get to the top at 11am. I get my camera out straight away and start taking pictures, the clouds are coming in so I wasn’t sure how much time I would have. About 1pm it started to rain, so I shelter in a chai shop and had some lunch. I enjoyed sitting in this chai shop sheltering form the rain. At 4pm the weather cleared up. I took some shots and but my camera away and then thought that’s enough. I went back into the chai shop to get my things and then when I stepped out a few minutes later the light was really nice so I took lots and lots of pictures for another hour.

The trip to the top was a special experience. The walk up the mountain, time spent taking photographs and hanging out in the chai shop sheltering from the rain. I really felt I went to ‘Ether’, I was in ‘Ether’. So the trip up the mountain also helped my head get into the mood for Ether.

So the trip was successful, I had enough photographs, but I wasn’t totally satisfied.

Third Trip.

A few days later on Sunday I go up again with some friends and we spend the night on the mountain so we can also enjoy the morning. We were very lucking as we had clear weather in the morning. I got some great shots of clouds and mountains with nice blue skies.

So three times up the mountain in one week. I now have more picture than I will probably use, it great to have a choice.


~ by deodesign on May 16, 2008.

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