3W23 Final Project – Developing the Max Patch

The Max patch is ready for recording the visuals for Ether. I have arranged my photographs in the different sequences or collections of different shots.

Initial I designed the Patch so I could mix 4 different movies together. As I started recording and watching the results I realise how I was mixing to many movies together and the effect was interesting, but not really my style, I want to keep it minimal. So I decided to change the Max Patch, so I can mix two movies together with a chromakey effect on one channel which is also controlled with a cross-fader. I have built the patch so I can decide if I want to show movies frame by frame or randomly. Also I can set the movie to start at a particular frame. The output from these two movies can be mixed with another movie or image. I use this third screen for the final image in my movie.

All the above controls can be easily be adapted for a live performance.

Once I started recording my project I realised I wanted a certain kind of order in the images. At the beginning I wanted more photographs of the hills, and then hills with mountains. Next I want he mountains and clouds followed by the sky and clouds. So I re-grouped my photographs into different categories and made new movies. I also re-organised my circle drawings.

I lost count how many times I recorded my final piece. I was also having trouble with analysing the audio of the tabla signal. It was recorded in January before I had spent time playing tabla with Max. Having spent a lot of time recording movies live with Max I realised I have to play the tabla with clarity, this has helped me to improve my tabla playing. Also I am using the recording of the tabla alone, so in a live setting I would be only analysing the tabla. The problem is the vocals and flute can also be heard.

Working on this final project I have learnt so much. The patch has been developed so I know how I want to combine my movies. Also I worked out a system to categorise the photographs and drawings. Also working on this project, a pre-recorded track, it has helped me to work out how to organize and use my videos in a live performance. My final piece really came together in the recording process.

Working on the ‘Ether’ track was difficult for me as my element is water. Also out of all the five elements ‘Ether’ is the most difficult to express, we also felt this when we were recording the music for the five elements.


~ by deodesign on May 23, 2008.

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