3W24 Final Project – Recording the video for the Exhibition.

I know my way around Adobe Premiere, but I am no expert, I don’t have very much experience creating videos. For the exhibition I placed my recorded ether visuals into premiere so then I can create the video with the complete track and add titles. I made a few changes, I cut of the first two minutes because the intro felt too long for the video, it is just vocals. So I am ready to create my final quicktime movie for the exhibition.

What I didn’t know about compression codecs I learnt the hard way. The final movies has to be a quicktime movie compressed as DV PAL, 720×576.

I was happy with the quality I was getting once I exported my movie in DV PAL. I realised I had created my original movies with a Jpeg compression and at a different size. Also my project in Premiere was also at the wrong dimensions. So I started again, created my movies again, recorded the track again in Max, rebuilt my video in Premiere with the full audio track. When I exported the final movie from Premiere I noticed a soft ticking sound in the audio, oh no not another big problem I thought. A quick look in the Premiere help files and I realised I should not import MP3 tracks into Premiere, so I converted the track into a .aiff before importing back into Premiere. Well I am glad I had planned to finish my project a month before I need to, because it took me a lot longer than I thought. I really learnt a lot while creating my final project, I always thought the best way to learn software is to work on a project which you have to complete.



~ by deodesign on May 28, 2008.

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