3W26 Tabla Visuals Meets Professional Tabla Player.


I showed my tabla visual experiments to a professional tabla player, Ashoka Rehela from Dharamkot. I explained how the visuals were created on my computer and I asked if he would like to have a try. His brother Bimlesh Prakash whose is visiting from Varanasi played Harmonium.
Ashoka played the tabla’s and enjoyed playing and controlling the visuals.

I will go and see Ashoka and Bimlesh in a few days as they requested to record some songs with visuals. This is a very positive outcome from the first meeting with a professional tabla player.

I hadn’t prepared anything before meeting Ashoka. The experience helped me to realise how I need to prepare my Max Patches for a live performance or spontaneous music visuals session.

1. The Max patches should be ready to start as soon as I open them, all the setting ready to go – this can be done with the ‘loadbang’.

2. I need a naming convention, so it is clear what different patches do.

3. All the patches should be all together, so they are easy to locate and I know what I have.

4. All my movies should be together and clearly named, and state if they are sequences or random images.

5. Develop a system where I can drop folders of images into the patch and select them by the press of a key.

6. The system I create must have very easy usability.


Bimlesh Prakash on Harmonium and Ashoka Rehela on tabla.




~ by deodesign on June 12, 2008.

One Response to “3W26 Tabla Visuals Meets Professional Tabla Player.”

  1. An interesting project! Have to confess I stumbled upon your site through a search for Ashoka who I haven’t seen for nearly 20 years. Great to see a photo, expect he plays even more fantastically now. Good Luck K

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