3W27 Tabla Visuals Recording Session.


I returned to see Ashoka Rehela the tabla teacher and Bimlesh Prakash. I prepared images from the ghats of Varanasi. I had different sequences of photographs and a collection of different shots.

I used Adobe Premiere to collect my photographs into a movie. This gave me a better quality finish than when I used Max to build the movies. The finished recording with Max is still the same, but I will look into recording a better quality movie with Max.

I did a quick test to see if I can record movies at this size with the audio. There seemed to be no problems.

While recording the processor on my computer was struggling, so the recorded movie had breaks in the images and audio, the computer was getting stuck on an image. I think and hope this can be resolved by cleaning up my computer so it is running more efficiently.

Another problem was when I loaded another movie into the Max patch, so the processor is reading the data into the RAM, when it is a big movie the delay is very clear. This can be resolved by preloading all the movies I will be using into the RAM, so they are ready to use.



~ by deodesign on June 20, 2008.

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