Tabla Visuals Presentation 3

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Finally I can upload videos again. I am uploading avi movies as youtube doesn’t seem to like my quicktime movies. This doesn’t quite make sense and I am not sure if that is the reason. The server connection is also a lot better these days.

Anyway sit back aan enjoy the presentation.


3W25 Premiere of ‘Ether’

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I premiered my final project ‘Ether’ at a Yoga Centre. It was the evening to celebrate the completion of the first month course. My project was relevant because it is based on one of the elements, which were discussed in the lectures. Also the all the photographs were taken at the top of the local mountain.
It was great to get informal feedback. People were really impressed by the music, someone inquired about buying the album. I received positive feedback about the visuals. I was watching the audience as they were watching the video and they were all captivated by the ‘Ether’ video. A few people were inspired to climb the mountain the following morning. A few people also asked me about how I created the video. It was interesting to hear how different people interpreted the hand drawn circles in the movie. One person described what I did as ‘Tabla VJing’, I like the sound of that.

3W24 Final Project – Recording the video for the Exhibition.

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I know my way around Adobe Premiere, but I am no expert, I don’t have very much experience creating videos. For the exhibition I placed my recorded ether visuals into premiere so then I can create the video with the complete track and add titles. I made a few changes, I cut of the first two minutes because the intro felt too long for the video, it is just vocals. So I am ready to create my final quicktime movie for the exhibition.

What I didn’t know about compression codecs I learnt the hard way. The final movies has to be a quicktime movie compressed as DV PAL, 720×576.

I was happy with the quality I was getting once I exported my movie in DV PAL. I realised I had created my original movies with a Jpeg compression and at a different size. Also my project in Premiere was also at the wrong dimensions. So I started again, created my movies again, recorded the track again in Max, rebuilt my video in Premiere with the full audio track. When I exported the final movie from Premiere I noticed a soft ticking sound in the audio, oh no not another big problem I thought. A quick look in the Premiere help files and I realised I should not import MP3 tracks into Premiere, so I converted the track into a .aiff before importing back into Premiere. Well I am glad I had planned to finish my project a month before I need to, because it took me a lot longer than I thought. I really learnt a lot while creating my final project, I always thought the best way to learn software is to work on a project which you have to complete.


3W23 Final Project – Developing the Max Patch

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The Max patch is ready for recording the visuals for Ether. I have arranged my photographs in the different sequences or collections of different shots.

Initial I designed the Patch so I could mix 4 different movies together. As I started recording and watching the results I realise how I was mixing to many movies together and the effect was interesting, but not really my style, I want to keep it minimal. So I decided to change the Max Patch, so I can mix two movies together with a chromakey effect on one channel which is also controlled with a cross-fader. I have built the patch so I can decide if I want to show movies frame by frame or randomly. Also I can set the movie to start at a particular frame. The output from these two movies can be mixed with another movie or image. I use this third screen for the final image in my movie.

All the above controls can be easily be adapted for a live performance.

Once I started recording my project I realised I wanted a certain kind of order in the images. At the beginning I wanted more photographs of the hills, and then hills with mountains. Next I want he mountains and clouds followed by the sky and clouds. So I re-grouped my photographs into different categories and made new movies. I also re-organised my circle drawings.

I lost count how many times I recorded my final piece. I was also having trouble with analysing the audio of the tabla signal. It was recorded in January before I had spent time playing tabla with Max. Having spent a lot of time recording movies live with Max I realised I have to play the tabla with clarity, this has helped me to improve my tabla playing. Also I am using the recording of the tabla alone, so in a live setting I would be only analysing the tabla. The problem is the vocals and flute can also be heard.

Working on this final project I have learnt so much. The patch has been developed so I know how I want to combine my movies. Also I worked out a system to categorise the photographs and drawings. Also working on this project, a pre-recorded track, it has helped me to work out how to organize and use my videos in a live performance. My final piece really came together in the recording process.

Working on the ‘Ether’ track was difficult for me as my element is water. Also out of all the five elements ‘Ether’ is the most difficult to express, we also felt this when we were recording the music for the five elements.

3W22 Final Project – gathering material.

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My patch is ready to go, all I need now is all the material, photographs and drawings. I already have lots of circle drawing which can be used to represent Ether. I have created some new drawing and adjusted the colours of a lot of the drawing I already have. For Ether the colours I want are predominately shades of sky blue.

What photographs do I want? What is ‘Ether’ – below are notes from a brainstorming session.

I am staying in Dharamkot which is a village a few kilometers from Dharamsala.

I am in the foothill of the Himalaya mountains. I want images of the mountains, clouds and the sky. I already have photographs of skies and hills, but not mountains at a high altitude.

Camera batteries fully charged and spares, plus tripod. From where I am staying I can get to the mountains in 3.5 hours.

First Trip.

The weather is very changeable so I have been keeping an eye on the clouds. I leave home 2pm so I will get to the top about 5pm. I walk up for 2 hours and I still have another hour to go, but the clouds are gathering and there is some light rain. I am at a chai shop which is an hour way from the top, the owner tells me it is better to go up in the morning because it usually clear and you get the best views. I decide to head back because it will be too cloudy too get the photographs I want.

Second Trip.

A few days later I leave in the morning, I get to the top at 11am. I get my camera out straight away and start taking pictures, the clouds are coming in so I wasn’t sure how much time I would have. About 1pm it started to rain, so I shelter in a chai shop and had some lunch. I enjoyed sitting in this chai shop sheltering form the rain. At 4pm the weather cleared up. I took some shots and but my camera away and then thought that’s enough. I went back into the chai shop to get my things and then when I stepped out a few minutes later the light was really nice so I took lots and lots of pictures for another hour.

The trip to the top was a special experience. The walk up the mountain, time spent taking photographs and hanging out in the chai shop sheltering from the rain. I really felt I went to ‘Ether’, I was in ‘Ether’. So the trip up the mountain also helped my head get into the mood for Ether.

So the trip was successful, I had enough photographs, but I wasn’t totally satisfied.

Third Trip.

A few days later on Sunday I go up again with some friends and we spend the night on the mountain so we can also enjoy the morning. We were very lucking as we had clear weather in the morning. I got some great shots of clouds and mountains with nice blue skies.

So three times up the mountain in one week. I now have more picture than I will probably use, it great to have a choice.

3W21 Final Project developments

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While learning and experimenting with Max and Jitter I was always thinking of my project as a performance piece. My final goal was to be able to perform live. This is still one of my objectives, but for my final project I will create the visual for a track recorded five months ago. I will still be working with the audio as it was recorded live and I want to record the visuals so that I can use the same method to perform live. So developing the patch to record the visuals for the music track is also to help me work out how would I do all these different things live.

For my final project I can control the patch as I am using a recording of the tabla drums. So while I am recording I can change the movies Max is using and I can use the cross-fader to change the mix of videos and drawings. For a live performance I can change the movies and cross-fader setting by pressing a key on the keyboard. For different movies I could assign one key, E.g. ‘Q’ for movie 1, ‘W’ for movie 2, etc. For the cross-fader I can assign the number keys, so 1 would be 10%, 2 is 20%…10 is 100%. At a later date I will experiment with motion tracking to activate movie selection or different effects.


3W21 Presentation reflection and feedback.

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Lucy Blackwell: ok, less of a question, but…I found your work really fascinating…. It is like a truly interactive timelapse .. perhaps we could collaborate sometime and you could use your instruments to control some of the timelapse footage I’ve shot of plants growing…. It might feel like the music was making the plant grow?’Interactive timelapse’ – I liked this phrase. and I think it is great idea to do a collaboration. It is great that someone from the group is interested in doing a collaboration.

Angelina Voskopoulou: I found interesting the video with the ‘dancing’ shadow. its mysterious 😉

We were recording ourselves doing Tai Chi and experiment with movement. Only later I thought about using it with the Tabla.

John Baugh: Rajinder I like what you are doing? have you thought about drum controlling a different piece of video so that the images are layered is this possible

Rajinder Deo: John – I can can two or three movies going at the same time, that was the last thing in my presentation

Tara Smith: Do you have any particular artists musicans or photographers in mind to collaborate with as stated in your future goals

Rajinder Deo: tara- there are a few people I think will be interested, Shri from badmarsh and shri

Sean Clark: can i ask if you are using pitch or just rythmn to control the visuals?

Rajinder Deo: Sean – at the moment just rythum and I can use amplitude….I haven’i cracked the pitch thing yet

Sean Clark: do you think pitch would be a useful thing to respond to?

Rajinder Deo: sean – the pitch would be useful for the pitch bends on the base drum, but I think motion track might be better

Paul Thompson: deo cna i ask to what extent do you think your work can extend into the educational – informing people of this musical form?

Rajinder Deo: paul, it could be used to generate interest…and I think maybe even help with very basic learning.

This is an interesting question because my original outcomes were geared more towards educational needs, but as I progressed I decided to focus on more personal creative work.

Chrysanthos Voutounos: Deo,Screen display is essential in your work Deo or you have other plans involving tabla drums?

I don’t have any immediate plans which don’t involve the screen. One idea is to create other sound trigger by my tabla playing, this wouldn’t need a screen but I would still be using the computer.

Tara Smith: i found your work really immersive (if thats a word) completley fascinating as if you cant look away.

It is great to hear that my work holds peoples interest so much.

I felt very positive after my question, answer session. I think because my head is so involved in what I am doing I cannot imagine how people will react when they see my work. Positive feedback and encouragement from my peers is very important.